Here are some typical comments from our customers

“This program was so easy to use, I kept thinking – It just can’t be this simple. – The program is a breath of fresh air in this environment today.”

“Very good.  Support is excellent  .. prompt to respond, extremely helpful, and asks questions which help the user to understand their application, and even solve the problem themselves.”

 “Excellent!  My chemical manufacturing plant is installing a system which allows automatic transfer of analytical data from the instrument to a database. The barcodes are a part of this system.”

 “I would say this was an excellent purchase.  Thanks for the assistance prior to the sale.”

“I’ve worked in computing since 1956, but I am not a fan of Internet.  I do not use it often, and I’m not very skilled in this regard, but when the needs must…  I used Google to search for bar code production software, and your Web page headed the list.  It was clear, to the point and included the very reasonable price.  I’ve been learning fast about bar code technology and your free trial helped a lot.  Your software sits superbly well within Word, and the paying process is simple and straight-forward.  Full marks so far. “

“I am making a price book, to be used at the checkout and wanted to put in a barcode that was scan able.  Your product is very good.”

“I am making Bar code labels for packages that we send to a specific customer that requires them. Your ordering process was easy which makes it excellent in my book.”

“I saved a lot of money with Bars & Stripes”